Driving Unified Communications with Mobility

Joe Laezza, SVP, Unified Communications and Collaboration, AVI-SPL

Joe Laezza, SVP, Unified Communications and Collaboration, AVI-SPL

Cohesiveness Combined with UC 

Today, the audio visual system and integration industry is being driven by more than just technology. The dizzying influence of consumer technology such as mobile is redefining the business world. More and more organizations are turning to mobility, as we in our personal lives have become accustomed to user friendly, purpose built applications, and expect the same at our workplaces. However, the biggest challenge in using mobile technology is to ensure cohesion along with Unified Communications (UC). The dominant issue lies in how we take an integrated, technologically advanced environment and tie it to the mobile experience that is ultimately expected. 

 “Organizations are turning to mobility, as we in our personal lives have become more accustomed to user friendly, purpose built applications, and expect the same at our workplaces” 

Interoperability as an Impediment in UC 

A major pain point for customer environments is related to interoperability witnessed in UC and collaboration solutions. There is no universal solution that enterprises can depend on to address their interoperability challenges and thus have to opt for a number of purpose built solutions. We as a service provider look to solve that problem with a number of hosted solutions. The enterprise community has not accepted the idea of buying an interoperability technology or service because it is available as heterogeneous services. Another core challenge lies in the speed at which technology is evolving which creates the leeway for a certain technology to be termed obsolete sooner than one realizes. 

Cloud for 360-degree Customer View 

Integrating Big Data analytics and business intelligence has a lot to do with the Cloud. In such a scenario, your cloud provider plays an important role by offering actionable insights. Organizations by no means should feel threatened to relinquish the custody of their data, as cloud providers are only responsible for structuring the data and rendering it more usable. The cloud is responsible for providing a 360-degree customer view through purpose built applications that allow an intelligent view of integrated data across an enterprise. 

Focus on Virtualization and Software 

UC is evolving into more of a services oriented industry and there are common themes in the types of services that are required to support an enterprise. It starts with pure maintenance as a service which is maturing rapidly and helps provide support to a customer’s technology environment. The technology to power such services is also fast advancing and most of it is virtualized and software based for a nimble end-user experience. From switching and routing to dial tone in the cloud needs to be software based and not built on heavy iron. 

IT in Communications and Collaboration 

IT concurrently became involved in communications and collaboration when the Internet Protocol (IP) was introduced. The convergence of architecture, technology, and networking heralded a revolution in the role that IT plays in an organization. A CTO's decisions today are based on a more broadened approach to what their business needs such as setting up an optimum environment relative to applications more so than networking. A good example of it is how mobility as an application has become a crucial source of connectivity between onsite and remote workforce and also how it acts as an important driver for the growth of UC. 

Embracing Futuristic Communication Technology 

In the days ahead wearable technology will become our core computing and communications device, negating the use of computers or even mobile devices. Technology is always on the go and wearable technology such as watches will alter the way we communicate. AVI-SPL always focuses on the workforce of the future, keeping in mind the current need for a flexible, scalable, and mobile environment that promulgates open collaboration and instant communication. 

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